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Largest dinosaur bones - exact measurements

I was just curious if my info is correct and still up-to-date on
Thanks in advance for any comments.

Largest known sauropodian:
-humerus: _Argentinosaurus huinculensis_ 1.81 m.

-femur: _Antarctosaurus wichmannianus_ 2.3 m. (?)

-pelvis: _Supersaurus vivianae_ over 2 m. (craniocaudaly)

-scapula: _Supersaurus vivianae_ 2.7 m. (?) orig. *Ultrasauros

-cervical(s): _Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis_(or sinocanadorum?) 1.5 m.

-dorsal(s): *Amphicoelias fragillimus* 2.4-2.8 (?) m.
(how large are those of _A. huinculensis_, BTW?)

Largest known theropodian:
-skull: _Giganotosaurus carolinii_ 1.65-1.80 m.
("larger, undescribed specimen" 1.95 m. ?)

-femur: _Giganotosaurus carolinii_ 1.44 m.

-"arms": _Therizinosaurus cheloniformis_ ? m. (but including claws-up
to 0.91 m-longer than those of _Deinocheirus mirificus_ 2.4-2.6 m.)

Largest known ceratop(s)ian:
-skull (incl. a frill): _Pentaceratops sternbergi_ 3.1 m.

P.S. Are all sauropod bones from Dry Mesa once assigned to
*Ultrasauros macintoshi* now supposed to belong to _Supersaurus
vivianae_? From what I've read in a book of mine, it seems these were
gigantic sized. Two scapula's measuring over 2.7 m., another one of a
similar size (2.5 m.) and aforementioned "record" pelvis. Are these
values (as I assume) exaggerated? There's also a mention about "a
hundred tonnes" of fossil material from this locality including all
the giant bones, stored below the stands of Provo sporting stadium.
Author has it, that the preparation of those will take at least 20
years.                              Cheers, Vlad

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way." Fa Hsien, 419 CE, Record of Buddhist Countries

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