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Re: Largest dinosaur bones - exact measurements

Vladimír Socha wrote-

> Largest known sauropodian:
> -femur: _Antarctosaurus wichmannianus_ 2.3 m. (?)

unnamed Middle Jurassic Moroccan sauropod (Monbaron et al., 1999) 2.36 m.
Though Bruhathkayosaurus' partial femur was probably ~2.9 m.

> -pelvis: _Supersaurus vivianae_ over 2 m. (craniocaudaly)

Really?  Seismosaurus' is only ~1.1 m.

> Largest known theropodian:
> -skull: _Giganotosaurus carolinii_ 1.65-1.80 m.
> ("larger, undescribed specimen" 1.95 m. ?)

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus MNHN SAM 124 ~2.2 m.

> -"arms": _Therizinosaurus cheloniformis_ ? m. (but including claws-up
> to 0.91 m-longer than those of _Deinocheirus mirificus_ 2.4-2.6 m.)

Therizinosaurus cheloniformis IGM 100/15 2.47 m.
Deinocheirus mirificus 2.36 m.
Not including carpals.

> P.S. Are all sauropod bones from Dry Mesa once assigned to
> *Ultrasauros macintoshi* now supposed to belong to _Supersaurus
> vivianae_?

No, the holotype dorsal vertebra is, but the scapulocoracoid is referred to
Brachiosaurus (Curtice et al., 1996).

Mickey Mortimer