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Microraptor and Other Free Paleo Papers!

Sorry about the cross posting.

A number of "American Museum Novitates" are now available for free
downloading at <http://diglib1.amnh.org/novitates>.

This directory of PDF files (some over 900 kilobytes big!) doesn't give
any information on the papers except for the URL's and the file size.
However, you can match them up to the articles at
<http://library.amnh.org/pubs/novitates.html>.  Be warned that the
latter page lists _all_ Novitates back issues, and most of them are not
freely available on the web, although they can be purchased.

Some of the free papers of interest include:

Number 3296 (Find this number in the 3rd column on the web page listed
at the top of this post): Oldest Fossil Bee.

Number 3328: Earliest Extant Lineage of Biting Midge

Number 3363: Cranial Anatomy of _Citipati osmolskae_

Number 3381: New Specimens of _Microraptor zhaoianus_

Number 3387: _Apsaravis ukhaana_ from Mongolia

Number 3402: Osteology and Relationships of _Byronosaurus jaffei_

I have condensed the names of the titles above for the sake of brevity.

Some of these papers are quite long, and have many high resolution
photographs.  The _Apsaravis_ paper is 46 pages; the _Microraptor_ paper
is 44 pages.  Fast internet connections are highly recommended.

That should keep you busy!

--------Ralph W. Miller III