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Re: Need help with locating paper/identifying cervical.

Hmm. . .this looks like it may be out of Marsh's Dinosaurs, a book that
originally came out back in the 1960's, with Ostrom and McIntosh as editors.
It's a collection of Morrison dinosaur lithographs. The book was reprinted a
few years back. I don't have my copy in front of me (in the long, long
process of beginning to move cross-country), unfortunately, so I can't tell
you any more.

Beware the use of lithographs, though--if you can compare with the original
specimens or photographs, that'd probably be ideal. They're very
well-rendered, but I've often found some discrepancies between the original
specimen and the illustration.

Hope this info helps,

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Subject: Need help with locating paper/identifying cervical.

> Dear DML members:
>      Would any of you by chance know which cervical
> (number) of A. excelsus the image at the following
> address is?
> www.geocities.com/taradosgon/YPM.html
>      And/or does anyone know if there are any more
> such illustrations of the YPM A. excelsus's cervicals?
> Does it correspond with a paper? If so, which paper?
> Or are they (I have a couple of YPM 1840 as well, the
> A. ajax [formerly Atlantosaurus immanis]) just random
> illustrations of cervicals?
>                                    -Thanks
>                                     Michael Lima
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