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New here, General Qs

Greetings all,

My name is Brad, a pilot by profession and like everyone else here, fascinated by dinosaurs. So some general questions regarding, yes, T-rex.

I've read the archives, and I've noticed the question of Tyrannosauridae predation has been debated many times and I have found the counter arguments to Horner's theory of scavenging to make sense to my limited understanding of zoology. I am curious about the reason for the very large Olfactory lobe on T-Rex's brain. So my questions revolve around this area:

1. How does this area of the brain compare with other Tyrannosaurids and the evolutionary forebears?

2. How does T-Rex brain structure compare with Dromeosaurs and other small theropods?

3. Do modern predators have large olfactory lobes? I note that Dr. Holtz's pursuit and bite theory and he compares T-rex to wolves. Canids traditionally have a very keen sense of smell and I am hoping that someone here can discuss the size the olfactory lobe on canids as well.

On a different topic: In a fairly recent issue of Scientific American, there is an article about the evolution of feathers and their beginnings on theropods. The article suggests that even T-rex probably was feathered. Only problem I have with this theory is that the subject sample is all from china and they found no large theropods with feathers. Anyone care to comment on this? Am I off on my thinking?


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