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Re: Was: Largest dinosaur bones...

Vladimir Socha wrote:

>"...unnamed Middle Jurassic Moroccan sauropod (Monbaron et al., 1999)
>2,36 m."

Could this unnamed giant be an originator of the footprints of
*Breviparopus taghbaloutensis*?

The 2.36m long sauropod femur from the Middle Jurassic of Morocco was described by Charroud and Fedan (1992); I have not seen this paper. Monbaron et al. (1999), in their description of _Atlassaurus_ (also from the Middle Jurassic of Morocco), mention this huge femur and imply that it may belong to the same sauropod that produced the footprints named _Breviparopus_. The ichnotaxon _Breviparopus taghbaloutensis_ comes from the Middle Jurassic (Bathonian) of the High Atlas Mountains.

"...(Dry Mesa sauropodian) scapulocoracoid is reffered to
Brachiosaurus (Curtice et al., 1996)."

Is there any mention of its size? I don't think _Brachiosaurus
altithorax_' scapula was over 2.5 m. long.

I don't believe any Dry Mesa brachosaur scapula reached this size. If this is the scapula described by Jensen (1985) and referred by him to _Ultrasaurus macintoshi_, then the size given by Jensen is an overestimate.


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