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There is a typo in Xu & Wang's new paper on 
_Yixianosaurus_ which means that a 'new' generic name has 
been created. Both the captions to Fig. 1 (p. 197) and Fig. 2 
(p. 198) use the name _Yianxianosaurus_ [sic]. Because 
_Yixianosaurus_ is used on p. 196 this isn't a problem but I 
wonder if it really is just a typo or the name the author's 
originally intended to use.

Can't recall if anyone has pointed this out already.

With its hyper-elongate penultimate phalanges and strongly 
curved unguals with large flexor tubercles, I would be 
moderately confident that _Yixianosaurus_ would be a good 
climber. The bowed radius and resulting large interosseous 
space in the animal's right arm reminds me of the condition 
in volant extant birds (where the radius is also strongly 
convex along its cranial margin) but in the left arm things 
look less bird-like. As the authors note (p. 199) the bowed 
shaped of the right radius may be preservational.

Darren Naish
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