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Re: Suspicions of Integument on Pelicanimimus After All

John Bridgman wrote-

> So far I've seen evidence (or good reason to believe) for feathery
> integument in the
> compsognathids(Sinosauropteryx),dromaeosaurs(Sinornithosaurus
> "Dave"),troodontids(Microraptor seems to share features in common with
> group,as well as the dromaeosaurs),oviraptorsaurs(Caudipteryx and
> Protarchaeopteryx as Mickey Mortimer pointed out to me),and now the
> ornithomimids(Pelicanimimus).
> It seems that small theropods were generally feathered,and larger ones
> scaled.

Pelecanimimus actually doesn't preserve (reported) integument except for the
throat pouch, which was naked.  There is no evidence of feathers (Briggs et
al., 1997), contra the original description (Perez-Moreno et al., 1994).
Microraptor is more like dromaeosaurs than troodontids.  Two of the
troodontid-like characters you listed are seen in birds too (maxilla
contacts naris; constricted bases of teeth), so are probably primitive for
Eumaniraptora (deinonychosaurs + birds); and another (arctometatarsus) is
seen in Sinornithosaurus.  Hwang et al. (2002) code Microraptor as lacking
closely packed anterior dentary teeth.
Other feathered non-avian dinosaurs include- Hwang et al.'s in prep.
compsognathid, whatever the third "Sinosauropteryx" specimen is, Shuvuuia,
Yixianosaurus, Cryptovolans and Scansoriopteryx.  Santanaraptor is naked
skinned on some areas at least.

Mickey Mortimer