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RE: While using your liquified dead dinosaur remains, you could chance on these...

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> Garrison Hilliard
> http://www.roadsideamerica.com/roger/QueryTips.php3?tip_Attraction

Great list, and great to see the Kayenta Fm. tracks (listed as Moenkoepi,
AZ, 5 mi West of Tuba City, AZ, on the first and second page).

For my own (and my students) recent encounters with that tracksite, see:

As noted there, someone had recently come by (early in 2003) and
jackhammered out some of the best of the tracks.  Annonying, and indeed
criminal (as it is on Native land).

And Krista is being charitable when she wrote:
"As soon as he was out of earshot, Holtz explained to us that Don must have
been misinformed and that unfortunately he believed that the majority of
what we had been told was incorrect."

In fact, I was doing pretty much all I could from totally blowing my top
over some of the stuff being said...

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