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RE: help with mystery mosasaur skull

There is a cast of this skull on display at the Academy of Natural Sciences in 

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>>> <Danvarner@aol.com> 02/Dec/03 >>>
Phil Hore <comicsandheroes@hotmail.com> wrote:

<< ye gods, I believe that is it...kinda of a shame that such a famous piece 
and all we can find on the net is a drawing. That picture is alos very handy 
as it makes me realsise we have our skull upside down. One of the other museum 
workers always has grolwed at me about that, but it just sits so much nicer 
the other way around...guess I owe her an apology...thanks for your help. >>

       I don't believe we know the original orientation of the skull as it 
was found in the 18th century, so whether it is upside down or not is open to 
question. It was resting on a flat plane anyway, I would guess. It's not a 
painting...and even many of those don't have an "upside down".

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       For the sake of accuracy, the "child of light and innocence"'s name 
was actually Marion Morrison. DV