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Re: Hypsilophodon/ pachycephalosaur distribution

 --- Mickey Mortimer <Mickey_Mortimer111@msn.com>
wrote: > Adam S Smith wrote-
> > Thanks for the info. So, the earliest
> > Pachycephalosaurs are European. Are any Early
> > Cretaceous forms known from the New World? If not,
> > what is the earliest known New World
> pachcephalosaur?
> The only Early Cretaceous pachycephalosaurs known
> are Yaverlandia and
> Stenopelix.  The only pachycephalosaur reported from
> an earlier time
> anywhere are Chatterjee's undescribed Late Triassic
> Indian specimens.
> Apparently very pachycephalosaur-like, but the time
> makes one wonder.

What about the Chinese Chaoyangsaurus, is this
certainly a ceratopian? 
> Mickey Mortimer 

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