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Re: the chinese Mesozoic Aves tree

Lida Xing wrote-

> Hello all,This is the chinese Mesozoic Aves
>clip cladogram<

That may be the phylogeny of Chinese Mesozoic birds based on their original
literature, but it's not a very well supported cladogram.  I'd go with-
|--Shenzhouraptor sinensis (=Jeholornis prima)
|--Jixiangornis orientalis
|--Yandangornis longicaudus
   |*-Chaoyangia beishanensis
   |  |--Sapeornis chaoyangensis
   |  `--Omnivoropteryx sinousaorum
   |  |--Changchengornis hengdaoziensis
   |  `--+--Confuciusornis sanctus (=Confuciusornis suniae; Jinzhouornis
   |     |--Confuciusornis chuonzhous (nomen dubium)
   |     |--Confuciusornis dui
   |     `--Jinzhouornis yixianensis (nomen dubium?)
   `--+--Protopteryx fengningensis
      |--Longipteryx chaoyangensis
      |--Jibeinia luanhera
      |--Eocathayornis walkeri
      |--Boluochia zhengi
         |--Cuspirostrisornis houi
         |--Eoenantiornis buhleri
         |--Largirostrornis sexdentornis
         |--Liaoningornis longidigitus
         |--Liaoxiornis delicatus (nomen dubium?)
         |--Longchengornis sanyanensis
         |--Otogornis genghisi
         |--Sinornis santensis (=Cathayornis yandica)
         |--"Cathayornis" caudatus
         |--"Cathayornis" aberransis
            |  |--Yanornis martini (=Archaeovolans repatriates;
Archaeoraptor liaoningornis in partim)
            |  |--Yixianornis grabaui
            |  `--Songlingornis linghensis
               |--Gansus yumenensis

I would ask why you arranged your phylogeny like you did (for example why
you placed Chaoyangia next to Songlingornis), but it all seems to be based
on the classification of these taxa by their original authors.

Mickey Mortimer