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Re: The dinosaurs did not die in fire, from the latest Geology

> Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2003 09:57:23 -0800
> From: "James R. Cunningham" <jrccea@bellsouth.net>
> An intriguing abstract.  I seem to remember an estimate of something
> like 70 billion tons of soot contained in the boundary layer.  If my
> memory is correct, it's an inconsequential amount at best.

Inconsequential?  Really?  70 billion (metric) tons of soot is
70000000000000kg.  The diameter of the Earth is about 12750km, which
yields a total surface area of
        = 4 * 3.142 * 6375000^2
        = 510771375000000 m^2
That gives 70000000000000/510771375000000 = 0.137kg of soot per m^2,
or 137g -- about five ounces.  I wouldn't call that inconsequential to
me.  As an experiment, sprinkle five ounces of soot on one square
metre of your living-roomn carpet.  Let me know how it goes :-)

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