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Re: the chinese Mesozoic Aves tree

I wrote-

> That may be the phylogeny of Chinese Mesozoic birds based on their
> literature, but it's not a very well supported cladogram.  I'd go with-
>snip cladogram<

A bit low on resolution you say? ;-)
Well, here's what my in progress analysis has to say about Chinese Mesozoic
birds, based on 235 characters.
|--Shenzhouraptor sinensis
   |  |--Jixiangornis orientalis
   |  `--Omnivoropteryx sinousaorum
   `--+--Yandangornis longicaudus
         |  |--Sapeornis chaoyangensis
         |  `--Confuciusornithidae
         |     |--Confuciusornis spp.
         |     `--Changchengornis hengdaoziensis
         `--+--Boluochia zhengi
            `--+--Cuspirostrisornis houi
               `--+--Protopteryx fengningensis
                  `--+--Longipteryx chaoyangensis
                        |  |--Jibeinia luanhera
                        |  `--+--Eoenantiornis buhleri
                        |     `--Liaoxiornis delicatus
                        `--+--Eocathayornis walkeri
                           |--+--Longchengornis sanyanensis
                           |  `--"Cathayornis" caudatus
                              |  |--Largirostrornis sexdentornis
                              |  `--Sinornis santensis
                                 |--+--Liaoningornis longidigitus
                                 |  `--Songlingornis linghensis
                                 `--+--Yixianornis grabaui
                                    `--+--Yanornis martini

Mickey Mortimer