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RE: Intraspecific Combat in Ceratopsians

From: "TIMOTHY BRIDGEMAN" <timlee3005@earthlink.net>

I noticed an illustration of a Chasmosaurus facing down a Centrosaurus in an
old book.Is there any evidence for intraspecific conflict in ceratopsian

Rothschild and Tanke (1997) reported on a pathologic skull of _Pachyrhinosaurus_ that preserves what seem to be, according to the authors, puncture wounds that fit a couple of horncores labelled "Monoclonius." For more, see:

Rothschild, B. M., and D. Tanke. 1997. Thunder in the Cretaceous: Inter-species conflict as evidence for ceratopsian migration?, in: D. L. Wolberg, D. Stump, and G. Rosenberg, editors, Dinofest International: Proceedings of a Symposium Held at Arizona State University. Philadelphia: Academy of Natural Sciences, pp. 77-81.

Don't know of any other interspecific fighting reports, though I know Andy Farke might have something to say about INTRAspecific combat in ceratopsians...

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