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Re: The dinosaurs did not die in fire, from the latest Geology

Quoting "James R. Cunningham" <jrccea@bellsouth.net>: 
> Graydon wrote: 
> > It'd be a bear to get good experimental data on how fast the iridium 
> > dust falls, too, but perhaps the other parts are cheap enough to throw 
> > from airplanes? :) 
> Good idea.  But wouldn't you need to throw most of the stuff from above 
> the atmosphere, at sub-orbital velocity? 
> also :-) 
Ah, but it's much easier to write the grant proposal to get use of old ICBM for 
dust-throwing purposes after you've got the throw-from-airplane data to 
indicate that there is significant rate-of-fall sorting among the different 
kinds of particles. 
Although I'd *really* like to see the grant proposal to make authentic iridium 
content test dust for purposes of raining down on some desolate but 
well-monitored region which happens to be having a hurricane.