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RE: Intraspecific Combat in Ceratopsians

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> Subject: RE: Intraspecific Combat in Ceratopsians

> Rothschild and Tanke (1997) reported on a pathologic skull of
> _Pachyrhinosaurus_ that preserves what seem to be, according to the
> authors,
> puncture wounds that fit a couple of horncores labelled "Monoclonius."
> For
> more, see:
> Rothschild, B. M., and D. Tanke.  1997.  Thunder in the Cretaceous:
> Inter-species conflict as evidence for ceratopsian migration?, in: D. L.
> Wolberg, D. Stump, and G. Rosenberg, editors, Dinofest International:
> Proceedings of a Symposium Held at Arizona State University.
> Philadelphia:
> Academy of Natural Sciences, pp. 77-81.

I'm not totally convinced by the hypothesis outlined for the specimen. I've
seen the original, and there is a lot of really funky stuff going on in the
skull. Really, really funky stuff. That animal was not a happy camper, no
matter what happened to it.

Darren and I will discuss this specimen briefly in a forthcoming paper, and
compare what's going on in there with what we've seen in other specimens.

> Don't know of any other interspecific fighting reports, though I know Andy
> Farke might have something to say about INTRAspecific combat in
> ceratopsians...

Absolutely. WFTP (or get the preview in the SVP abstract). ;-)


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