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RE: Intraspecific Combat in Ceratopsians

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Interesting and I feel this is one of those important issues that always seems to fall under one or the other, never both.

So many reasons have been forwarded for the great die of, and all of them seem to be likely if an impact occured. You wouold have great seismic activity, volconoes would pop up everywhere, there would be a masive die off in surivors thanks to disease, and there would at least be a part flash fire.

One problem I will say with soot from forest fires (living in Canberra believe me we are experts at this) we have had very heavy rainfall and snowfall in the last few months and we now have a real problem with the water run off picking up a lot of the soot from our fires at the start of the year and washing it in to our rivers and dams. In fact its so bad we are now again in water restrictions because one of our main drinkning water dams has just been closed thanks to this exact contamination....and these fires were total, there was nothing left after they traveled through the area, a similar (though nowhere near as extreme) situation that the end of the cretaceous would have gone through. Maybe someone should try (if they havent-and it's probably not possible anyway) to discover what exactly is happening to our water at the moment, and if water sources back then contain the same sort of traces, this may help us know what truly happened...not that I can think of a single ! te! ! st that would help us do this.

Phil Hore

National Dinosaur Museum

Canberra, Australia

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>From: "TIMOTHY BRIDGEMAN" >Reply-To: "TIMOTHY BRIDGEMAN" >To: >Subject: Intraspecific Combat in Ceratopsians >Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 22:56:00 -0500 > >Hello, >I noticed an illustration of a Chasmosaurus facing down a Centrosaurus in an >old book.Is there any evidence for intraspecific conflict in ceratopsian >dinosaurs?Is there any likelyhood of scenes like this actually having taken >place? > >Thanks, >John Bridgman >

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