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Re: first dinosaur

_Eoraptor lunensis_ is early Carnian, so it's from the very early part of the
Late Triassic. It's from the same deposit as _Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis_,
_Staurikosaurus pricei_, and _Pisanosaurus merti_, so it's contemporaneous with

_Guaibasaurus candelariensis_ is also early Carnian, and, I think, slightly
older. (CMIIW)

There are reported sauropodomorph fossils in Madagascar which may be LTr or

It should also be noted that _Eoraptor_ and the herrerasaurids are not
definitely dinosaurs -- they may just be very very close relatives.

In summary, I believe the oldest named dinosaur would be _Guaibasaurus_, a
basal theropod.

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Sorry, no idea why first email didnt post.

I have been reading a new book called Dinosaurus by Steve Parker that mentions
Eoraptor as a mid-triassic dinosaur. Everything I have read says that there
have been no dino remains found before late Triassic times. Has there been a
new discovery or a shift in thinking recently or is this just a case of a
wishfull Paleoauthor getting a little to keen (a situation I often find myself
falling into)


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