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RE: I used to lament...

Some neontologists have suggested that 'Pan' is actually a subgenus of
'Homo' which would suggest that the other genera would also be considered
subgenera. Furthermore, there have been some suggestions that 'Pan
troglodytes' is polyphyletic if not paraphyletic, the same may be said about
'Gorilla gorilla'


David said:

`--+--*Pan troglodytes* (chimp)
   |--*Pan paniscus* (bonobo)
      |--*Australopithecus anamensis*
      |--*A. anamensis*
      |--*A. afarensis*
      |--*A. garhi*
      `--+--*A. africanus*
         `--+--+--*Kenyanthropus rudolfensis*
            |  `--+--*K. platyops*
            |     `--+--*Paranthropus walkeri* (I thought *aethiopicus*)?
            |        `--+--*P. robustus*
            |           `--*P. boisei*
            `--+--*Homo habilis*
               `--+--*H. sapiens*
                  `--+--*H. ergaster*
                     `--*H. erectus*