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Re: the chinese Mesozoic Aves tree

David Marjanovic wrote-

> > Could these be due to poor illustrations, crushing and/or
> > breakage?  Absolutely.  Which is why I've been pondering how misleading
> > including Hou's taxa of crap could be for my analysis...
> Perhaps you should code everything you don't trust "?".

I actually plan on doing something like this, which is why I always write
down the source for my codings (part of the reason it takes forever for me
to code everything).  Once I get it "complete", I'll experiment running it
with all the data, data excluding the codings I got from matrices, data
excluding the codings I got from matrices I subjectively don't trust, data
excluding the codings I got from literature I subjectively don't trust, and
combinations of those.

> IMHO this character could be a bit too volatile to include in an
> but of course that's subjective. And once you have your expected 400, that
> one won't do damage...

Eh, my philosophy is try everything and let PAUP sort through the noise. :-)

Mickey Mortimer