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Viva Las Vegas

Hello all,

Good to be back on the list after my move to Las Vegas. I hope you've all
been well.

I've put up an new version of my website and I hope some of you will check
it out. It's a little easier to move around in and I have a few new things
on the site.

I've tried to add a lot of your own sites to mine on the links page, but
please forgive me if I've overlooked a few (and I'm sure I have and it was
in no way intentenal, I just wanted to get the site up). If you want to,
shoot me an email I'll see that my wife adds it to my site.

Anyway, I look forward to getting back to hearing the great discussions on
the DML and talk to you all soon. Have a safe and happy holidays all.

Dinosaurs rock,
Todd Marshall