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RE: Not again...

Jordan Mallon said...
Damn you, Spielberg! Daaaaammmmnnn yooooouuuuuuu!!!!!


What about a Sims Dinosaur game, where you can raise a dinosaur. It hatches out of it's egg, you have to feed it so it grows up right. You teach it to eat plants, or hunt depending on what kind of Dinosaur you chose.

Or what about a sort of "First person shooter" only with Dinosaurs, which I guess would be a "First person Biter!" Like DOOM or QUAKE only from a Carnivorous Dinosaurs perspective. You walk around, chase a herd of Herbivores, break one from the herd, chase it down and...LUNCH TIME!!! Figuring out a point system would be interesting.

Just trying to throw some ideas out there,
Tommy Bradley :)

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