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Re: Not again...

"Tommy Bradley" <htomsirveaux@hotmail.com>

> Or what about a sort of "First person shooter" only with Dinosaurs, which
> guess would be a "First person Biter!"  Like DOOM or QUAKE only from a
> Carnivorous Dinosaurs perspective.  You walk around, chase a herd of
> Herbivores, break one from the herd, chase it down and...LUNCH TIME!!!
> Figuring out a point system would be interesting.

It's not exactly the ultimate in technology, but you can play the "Big Al"
game on line at
http://dsc.discovery.com/stories/dinos/bbc/bigal/index.html.  It's not easy
being top predator in the Jurassic when you start out smaller than a

"Dino Guy" Ralph W. Miller III
Docent at the California Academy of Sciences
proud member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology