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Australian science festival

The results are in and we at the National Dinosaur Museum would like to thank all those who either came to our presentations or helped us out.

Our Paleontology presentation, Dinosaurs, past present and future went down quiet well with senior students, especially when our three presenters, a paleontologist from 1903, 2003 and 2103 went into question time. A lot of people were very curous about the largest pterosaur found in 2078 called Bigmacadactylus. I think you can see where we were going with that!
The puppet show was also a treat, infact it was so well received we are thinking of running sessions daily during the upcoming holidays. Goldiraptor and the three T-rexs was loved by all!
So once again, thanks to all who participated and we can't wait for next years festival.

Phil Hore

National Dinosaur Museum

Canberra, Australia

ph (02) 62302655

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