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Re: Fwd: APS Symposium "Unwrapping the Past" Poster Call

Here's a small correction I just received.

Steven Coombs
Steven's Dinosaurs: http://stevensdinosaurs1.tripod.com


Hi everyone,

In my last transmission Calling for Posters, I also attached the APS Symposium line-up.

This document had an error indicating Don Henderson of the University of Calgary would be giving his presentation "Sauropod Dinosaurs were the Colosal Corks of the Mesozoic" in the 9:00-9:30 and 3:00-3:30 time slots.

The 3:00-3:30 time slot should read David Eberth, Royal Tyrrell Museum "Revising the Edmonton Group: A Framework for Assessing Biostratigaphy and Climate Change."

I appologies to both Don Henderson and David Eberth and anyone else I might have confused.

Dan Quinsey
Alberta Palaeontological Society

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