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No Fiery Extinction For Dinosaurs * Footprints In Gobi Solve Mysteries * Dinosaur Family Footprints Found On Isle * Extra-limbed Reptile

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**  McGill's own Indiana Jones hunts for dinosaur bones
His five-person expedition travelled by foot or boat, lugging all their gear
and feasting on dehydrated food

**  No fiery extinction for dinosaurs
It is unlikely the dinosaurs perished in a global firestorm triggered by the
asteroid strike on Earth 65 million years ago, scientists have claimed

**  Alberta Palaeontological Society Eighth Annual Symposium and Workshops
This symposium will contain presentations from a mix of amateur and
professional palaeontologists

**  Dinosaur On The Move
Queensland Museum's iconic dinosaur skeleton, Muttaburrasaurus, has moved in
readiness for major redevelopment works that will culminate in a new front
entrance for the Museum and Australia's newest Sciencentre


**  Dinosaur footprints in Gobi solve mysteries
The unusual coincidence of bones and ichnites opened up the possibility of a
much improved science of paleontological footprint forensics

**  Second dinosaur unexpectedly found in Qld dig
Because this is the first time a site like this has been sort of tackled in
this way and digging has gone systematically, I just want to continue until
we're confident that there's nothing more there

**  Dinosaur family footprints found
A rare piece of evidence pointing to a dinosaur mothering her young after
they had left the nest has been discovered on the Isle of Skye

**  Digging up facts of state's history
"We had not climbed very high when Captain B. called to me to come and
examine what appeared to be the cast of a very large bone belonging to some
gigantic animal"

**  Paleontologists discover extra-limbed reptile
A reptile from the dawn of the dinosaur age had an extra digit on each limb,
Canadian paleontologists have found

**  Dinosaurs in the New Millennium - a symposium hosted by the Smithsonian

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