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*****SPAM***** Affordable Housecleaning Service/First Time 20% Off

Dear Los Angeles Resident:

Hi, we are a housecleaning company servicing your area for over 10 years.

Our workers are professional trained ladies, licensed, insured and bonded.

Our prices are very affordable, and right now we are offering 20% off to first 
time customers. 

Also, we work with Realtors and R.E. Management companies to clean: Move Ins, 
Move Outs, Open Houses and More.

If you are interested and would like to get some more information or set an 
appointment, please give us a call to our office telephone number (310) 

We work from Monday thru Saturday 8am to 5pm

Thank you, 

Master Kleen
(310) 823-8356


                 Apt    House
1 Bdr + 1 Bthr  $ 40    $ 50
2 Bdr + 2 Bthr  $ 50    $ 60
3 Bdr + 2 Bthr  $ 60    $ 65

* Some restrictions apply depending upon size, sq. ft., stories and pets.

**If you wish to be REMOVED from our future mailings, send an email to