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re:MOST IMPORTANT DATES of fossil (and esp. dinosaur) discoveries (pleistocene-1842)

> Well, "someone just made it up" remains a perfectly reasonable response...
> A chalicothere might be cool, though.

This here http://www.ancient-egypt.org/kings/0101_narmer/palette.html,
http://www.terraflex.co.il/ad/egypt/narmer/narmer_palette2.htm a chalicothere? 
:-/ :-/

> A bit more interesting, in my opinion, is the question of what animal is
> the Egyptian god Set supposed to be?  All the other animal avatars of
> deities seemed to be based on well known species.

Does Set(h) have any animal attributes? (Isis and Osiris don't either...)
AFAIK he's usually not depicted, and just represents the west = sunset and
desert = death = evil.

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