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Re: "Largest" dinosaurs...

I knew that the corresponding parts of gig. were larger than T-rex, but I think 
that with Trex, we at least have "the whole picture", you know?  Adds a bit of 
finality, makes it more concrete.  It IS good to know that there were more 
remains than I had initially thought.  

The fact that anyone could give an estimation in mass(for argintiniosaurus) 
with a degree of error greater in size than any living animal EXCEPT for the 
sauropods, is in my book, enough evidence that they had no buisness making such 
an estimation in the first place.

While I'm sure more remains of these will surface, and they will be justified 
in their rank, I think they should hold off till things are more clear.  I 
mean, someone finds a big claw 10 times the size of a velociraptor, and creates 
a proportionally huge raptor , draws picturs of it, develops a theory on how it 
used it's massive claw to disembowel T-rex and his whole family....when the 
thing might turn out to be a defensive claw in a giant sloth dinosaur...