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Re: "Largest" dinosaurs...

--- Pluto77189@aol.com wrote:
> While I'm sure more remains of these will surface, and they will be justified
> in their rank, I think they should hold off till things are more clear.  I
> mean, someone finds a big claw 10 times the size of a velociraptor, and
> creates a proportionally huge raptor , draws picturs of it, develops a theory
> on how it used it's massive claw to disembowel T-rex and his whole
> family....when the thing might turn out to be a defensive claw in a giant
> sloth dinosaur...

Funny you should mention that, as that's pretty close to what's happening with
_Megaraptor namunhuaiquii_. Originally named as a possible gigantic
deinonychosaur, the "foot-claw" turns out to be a manual claw, and the creature
is more basal. (Of course, nobody thought that it disembowelled _T. rex_, as it
lived much earlier and on a different continent, and it still seems to be a
large predator.)

Of course, science is the process of approaching the truth, not of knowing it 

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