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Re: Jumbo dinosaurs...

> Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 13:23:13 +1100
> From: zone65@bigpond.com
> > Well, not really.  How much does an elephant weight?  Maybe 2-5
> > tonnes?  Well, if we can't give an estimate that's more precise
> > than varying by a factor of three, we have no business making such
> > an estimate in the first place :-)
> African Elephants can weigh as much as 13 tonnes. Big fellas, eh?

... which sort of makes my point that estimates vary!  For whatever it
may be worth, the Guinness Book of Records (2002 edition) says that
the largest land mammal is the male African bush elephant (_Loxodonta
africana_) and that they have an "average weight" of 4-7 tonnes,
which, OK, is a tad bigger than I'd said.  it says the heaviest
recorded specimen was a bull shot in Mucusso, Angola, on 7 Nov 1974,
that weighed 12.24 tonnes.  But the _tallest_ specimen, 4.42m tall,
weighed "only" 8 tonnes, which suggests just what a freak that
twelve-tonner was.  (By the way, that's _tall_ -- more than 3/4 as
tall as the record-holding giraffe.)

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