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re: vampire ptero toe

For those of you who saw my presentation in St. Paul on the vampire
pterosaur, Jeholopterus, I have one modification to make. Pedal digit V,
although described as sharp and it appears sharp, is not sharp. I had it
sliding under the skin of the victim to ensure perfect adhesion. Even
animated the action.

Not so.

An ungual attached to its ventral side (dorsal while fully flexed) would
have prevented surgical entry. I'm finding lots of pedal digit V unguals
on primitive pterosaurs. They seem to finally fade away at the
Rhamphorhynchus grade, but who knows?

Sorry for the misinformation earlier. I bought into the paradigm. A
closer look at a dozen other early pteros helped me to know what to look

On Jeholopterus the anterior unguals are still as sharp as any perching
bird. Haven't noticed or heard anything yet to invalidate the vampire

Science marches on.

David Peters
St. Louis