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Welsh Dinosaur is Jurassic Missing Link * Gigantic Dinos Floated in Water * Amateur Sleuth Stumbles on Big Find * Most Primitive Marsupial

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**  Visit to 65 million-year-old T. rex a dream come true
One highlights a typical T. rex tooth of 6 inches, about the size of a
banana but much more threatening

**  Exhibit creator teaches kids about dinosaurs
He talked about Mamenchisaurus, a long-necked dinosaur that Lessem described
as the "most pea-headed, stupidest animal that ever lived."

**  Welsh dinosaur 'is Jurassic missing link'
Discovered in a quarry, Thecodontosaurus caducus is now thought to be an
early ancestor of the sauropods, the biggest group of dinosaurs that ever

**  Gigantic dinos 'floated in water'
A Canadian palaeontologist has used computer simulations to investigate how
the extinct animals would have fared when immersed in a lake or river


**  Museum makes profit on `Chinese Dinosaurs'
Police have said $20,000 in cash and cheques was stolen and a former museum
employee, who subsequently flew to Auckland, was the main suspect

**  Boning up on dinosaurs
Here, from angled layers of rock in Quarry No. 10, Arthur Lakes in 1877
unearthed bones from the world's first apatosaurus, a hulking, long-necked
dinosaur as heavy as a herd of elephants

**  Discovery's 'Dinosaur Planet' makes science fun again
To help explain the evolution of dinosaurs, the documentary features Scott
Sampson, curator of vertebrate paleontology at the University of Utah's
Museum of Natural History

**  Amateur dinosaur sleuth stumbles on big find
Early last month, 51-year-old Young made the find of his life: A bit of
chocolate-colored bone he spotted turned out to be a triceratops skull

**  Feature Site: Sinodelphys, a 125-million-year-old fossil animal
The most primitive and oldest known relative of all marsupial mammals.

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