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re: Cranial crests in pterosaurs


How were you surprised? That will give us a starting point.

David Peters
St. Louis

Dear colleagues,

I was surprised when seeing the reconstruction of the cranial crests of
some pterosaurs in Frey et al., 2003a (Fig. 10)!!!

Please, anybody read the article, could it comment this?

Frey, E.; Tischilinger, H.; Buchy, M.-C. & Martill, D.M., 2003. New
specimens of Pterosauria (Reptilia) with soft partes with implications
for pterosaurian anatomy and locomotion. In: Buffetaut, E. & Maxin,
J.-M. (Eds.) Evolution and Palaeobiology of Pterosaurs. Geological
Society, London, Special Publications, 217, 233-266.