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RE: Dinosaur Planet

I was very impressed with the Mongolian sequence. Especially good (I thought) 
was the Velociraptor. The head was beautifully modelled and I was impressed 
that they didn't "cock" the second pedal digit. The only hyperflexed one I saw 
at the AMNH "Fighting Dinosaurs" show was the digit embedded in the 
Protoceratops. Is the feather headdress so common in theropod restorations 
In other animation news, Ray Harryhausen's new book has sold out its first 
edition in less than a month! My buxom buddy, Pete Von Sholly, gifted me with a 
copy and it's fabulous. Ray speaks to his deep love of dinosaurs and has very 
interesting things to say about Chas.R.Knight being one of his greatest 
influences. Great book! DV
PS Von Sholly fans should check his new pubs at vonshollywood.com. He's been 
prolific of late.