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RE: Dinosaur Planet

I have problems (as a non scientist, but an art person) with the quality
of animation.  I suppose that it is possible that some of the animals had
locomotion such as was shown, but I find the sequences where animals are
moving to have a "jerky"  quality.  To me,  they begin to look like
computer generated animated items and the aritsts involved lose the sense
of realism they are trying to convey when the animals begin to move.  Stop
motion models or single cell animations from our past, such as those of
Harryhausen or the Disney films such as Fastasia, convey to me a better
sense of realism in terms of movement.  Even if these early productions
did not have the posture or gait right, the animals "came alive" better.
Of course the whole business is relative.  We don't have complete data on
coloration or vocalization or movements of animals which are extinct.
So thsat is my impression of D Planet.  I would be interested in hearing
what others think about this.  Jane D

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