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RE: Dinosaur Planet

jdhexen@unr.edu (Jane P. Davidson) says:

<< I have problems (as a non scientist, but an art person) with the quality
of animation.  I suppose that it is possible that some of the animals had
locomotion such as was shown, but I find the sequences where animals are
moving to have a "jerky"  quality.  To me,  they begin to look like
computer generated animated items and the aritsts involved lose the sense
of realism they are trying to convey when the animals begin to move. >>

I would assume it's a matter of who's doing the work, budgets, programs and 
deadlines. I thought that Phil Tippett's unit did the best work in the original 
JP. The roadside/tyrannosaurus was a masterpiece. This comes, I think, from 
Tippett's stopmotion model experience and the fact that his figures were 
actually hand animated rather than being done on a keyboard. They not only 
living animal movements, but they practiced acting out the dinosaurs' motions 
themselves, getting a deep feeling for the action and inertia. It was method 
acting with dinosaurs. Harryhausen claimed to do the same thing, eating a lot 
veggies whilst animating Mighty Joe Young.
       I'm looking forward big-time to the dinosaurs in Peter Jackson's 
version of King Kong. One of the talents behind the Gollum character in Lord of 
Rings is Randall Cook, like Tippett a former model animator. We may be 
getting a preview of the spider-pit sequence begining this Wednesday in Return 
the King. DV