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Dinos on grass (Re: Dinosaur Planet)

unfortunately, it is no longer free to film on federal lands. Filming in 
Yellowstone has an inredible amount of red tape.

>>> Phil Bigelow <bigelowp@juno.com> 15/Dec/03 >>>
"Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." <tholtz@geol.umd.edu> writes:

> * And speaking of the latter: Campanian Montana did NOT look like 
> modern
> Montana with CG volcanoes and dinosaurs!!!  URGH!  (Okay, I recall 
> an
> conversation related to WDRA, when a producer said "we just can't 
> find any
> good sites with fern prairies", to which I replied "that's because 
> grass
> won.") 

The WDRA producers didn't look hard enough.
I could have taken their film crew to places in Yellowstone Park where
there are literally ACRES of open terrane with fern ground cover -
nothing but knee high ferns - all as a result of the aftermath of the big
Yellowstone forest fires.  The computer animation people could have
filmed the fields and then digitally removed the few scattered charred
trees. Voila, a fern prairy.
(Yes, Hollywood, I'm available as a field guide for paleo-documentary
film crews.  For a fee of course!  ;-)

I saw the promos (I haven't actually seen the show yet), and by the 3rd
promo, the grassy scenes had begun to rub me the wrong way.  Please,
anything but grass (however, if the producers had asked, I would have
recommended a "grassy" alternative: a field full of ?Cannabaceae (Yale
museum specimens 6203-6205) for the late Maastrichtian scenes. But that's
just me.  Otherwise, from what little I saw, the show looks terrific and
I look forward to buying the videos.


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