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RE: Dinos on grass (Re: Dinosaur Planet)

bigelowp@juno.com (Phil Bigelow) writes:

<< The WDRA producers didn't look hard enough.
I could have taken their film crew to places in Yellowstone Park where
there are literally ACRES of open terrane with fern ground cover -
nothing but knee high ferns - all as a result of the aftermath of the big
Yellowstone forest fires.  >>

Neat! The only restorations that show this "fern prairie" effectively (that I 
know of) are Brian Franczak's painting of Kentrosaurus in Glut's original 
_Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia_, 1997, pg. 518 and a number of Zallinger's 
restorations (_Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Reptiles_, 1960, pg. 82, for 
Surely do miss Brian's artistic input. DV