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Dinosaur Planet dirt

Dear Tommy and List,

    I kept falling asleep during the first showings last night. What four
ceratopsian models are you talking about? I sculpted four ceratopsian
models, three years ago, for "When Dinosaurs roamed America', that where
eventually dropped in preproduction. They were pachyrhinosaurus,
centrosaurus, Torosaurus, and Einosaurus.Only my triceratops and
Zuniceratops were used.Scott Sampson told me a few months ago, that
Evergreen gave him my Einosaurus model as a gift. The CGI einosaurs, last
night, looked remarkably like my model. I was wondering if they used my
pieces in one capacity or another, after all.
    If you feel that the CGI quality wasn't as good as previous dino
documentaries, please feel free to speak up. The powers that be didn't use
sculptures as reference for this newest outing. They felt that the CGI
technology was advanced enough that they could just use skeletal reference.
I, and several other artists, where originally told that they would be
working with us again.
    If you don't like lawn dart pterosaurs,  ballet dancer ankled maisaurs,
little duckbills looking like big duckbills, and all the other anatomical
boo boos, please don't blame the paleosculptors. We where also cut in
pre -production.


> Further kudos to Scott Sampson.  Really liked the 4 Ceratopian models and
> the bit with the Einiosaurus.
> Looking forward to Tuesday night,
> Tommy Bradley :)
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