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RE: dino symposium?

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> Ken Carpenter
> I am surprise that no one has reported on the dino symposium at
> the Smithsonian. Didn't any one go? I heard turn out was very
> low, like maybe 30-40 people, including the speakers. If true, it
> definitely sounds like their PR department did a poor job getting
> the word out.

I did NOT go (my younger brother was just coming home after having been
deployed in Iraq for most of the year, so priorities are priorities!), but
otherwise would have.

However, I can say that the PR folks really did not do their job very well.
Other Mid-Atlantic dinosaur workers (from at least two Maryland
universities, one in College Park and one in Baltimore: the identities are
an exercise for the reader... ;-) heard about it only indirectly and only
within a week or two (okay, three for me) of the event.  I don't know how
much was known by colleagues in Washington, D.C. universities ahead of time.
Given more lead time, we could have posted information earlier so students
and faculty might have gone down there.

I, too, am very interested in hearing what was said!

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