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Re: "Largest" dinosaurs...

Pluto77189@aol.com wrote-

> Utah raptor and megaraptor were initially based on single claws, correct?


Utahraptor Kirkland, Gaston and Burge 1993
U. ostrommaysorum Kirkland, Gaston and Burge 1993
Holotype- (CEU 184v.86) pedal ungual II
Referred- (CEU 184v.260) (5.03 m) tibia (503 mm)
(CEU 184v.294) pedal ungual II
(CEU 184v.400) premaxilla
(BYU 9429) (3.89 m) mid caudal vertebrae (67 mm)
(BYU 9435) distal caudal vertebra
(BYU 9436) distal caudal vertebra
(BYU 9438) pedal ungual II
(BYU 13068) pedal ungual II

Megaraptor Novas 1998
M. namunhuaiquii Novas 1998
Holotype- (MCF-PVPH 79) ulna (332 mm), phalanx I-1 (188 mm), distal
metatarsal III (~453 mm), pedal ungual II (310 mm)

> Wasn't Ultrasaurus based on a single leg?

No, most of that leg was hypothetical.  It was based on a dorsal vertebra
(belonging to Supersaurus) and a referred scapulocoracoid (belonging to

>  This is the UN scientific side of me...

Well, as long as you realize that.

> Speaking of partial remains...spinosaurus remains were wiped out in WWII,
correct?  have there been any more remains found of spinosaurus itself?

Referred- (CMN 41768) mid cervical vertebra (183 mm) (Russell 1996)
(CMN 50790) mid cervical vertebra, two cervical ribs (Russell 1996)
(CMN 50791, holotype of Spinosaurus maroccanus) mid cervical vertebra (195
mm) (Russell 1996)
(CMN 50813) anterior dorsal neural arch (Russell 1996)
(CMN 50832) anterior dentary, tooth (Russell 1996)
(CMN 50833) mid dentary (Russell 1996)
(GAUG coll.) partial maxilla, teeth (120 mm) (Buffetaut 1989, 1992)
(IPHG coll., destroyed) caudal vertebra (Stromer 1915)
(MNHN SAM 124) (~28 m, ~50-80 tons, adult) (skull 2 m) partial premaxillae,
partial maxillae, vomers, dentary fragment (Taquet and Russell 1998)
(MNHN SAM 125) premaxillary fragment (Taquet and Russell 1998)
(MNHN SAM 126) cervical centrum (Taquet and Russell 1998)
(MNHN SAM 127) cervical centrum (Taquet and Russell 1998)
(MNHN SAM 128) dorsal neural arch (Taquet and Russell 1998)
(Office National des Mines nBM231) anterior dentary (Buffetaut and Ouaja,
jaw fragments, teeth (Sereno, Dutheil, Iarochene, Larsson, Lyon, Magwene,
Sidor, Varricchio and Wilson 1996)
snout, dentary, teeth (Milner 1998)
(Milan museum coll.) snout (skull ~1900 mm)
(Tuscon Rock show) partial jaw (skull ~2500 mm)
(private coll.) skull

Mickey Mortimer