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A few questions about pterosaur anatomy

I am looking for highy detailed images of membrane impressions of pterosaurs
(particularly the Rhamphorhychids at the British Museum of Natural history).
Does anyone know where I could find some?

I have a few more questions as well:
Do you know were I could find muscle reconstructions or detailed drawings of
the wing bones of some Rhamphorhynchids and other pterosaurs?

What is the back of the lower jaw of Pterodon like? Is there any evidence to
suggest a neck pouch?

The angle of the pteroid bone is often shown in reconstructions with its
angle being less than thirty degrees from the forearm. Is there any
possibiliy that the angle was higher? If it was closer to ninety degrees
could it have been used to control the angle of the leading edge of part of
the membrane?

How extensive was the decline of pterosaurs through the Cretaceous? How many
families were left and is it true that most groups under a metre in wing
span had been out-competed by this time? Does this trend extend back into
the Jurassic?

Thank you
-Jonas Weselake-George
Ottawa Paleontological Society