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Good day to all!
I took the liberty of calculating some interesting statistics from George 
Olshevski's Genera list. This year was significant from at least two points. 
Firstly, in 2003 number of valid dinosaur genera exceeded 537 (552 as for 
12/1/03). Tham makes more than 3 genera described each year from the first 
description in 1824 (3.084 genera/year). Also, this year most dinosaur genera 
were described-29! (or 27 if *Sphaerotolus* is a junior synonym and 
*Silesaurus* isn't actually dinosaur). Previous record was from 2001 (about 25 
I've also made a quick search in my old databaze to find out which are the 
countries with largest number of valid dinosaur genera finds. Very probably it 
isn't correct (India and Australia have already more genera than UK?), so any 
comments are appreciated:
1. USA 106
2. China 85
3. Mongolia 60
4. Argentina 40
5. Canada 38
6. UK 25

Also, does anyone know, how would this table continue?
Countries according to first dinosaur description:
1.) UK (Megalosaurus) 1824
2.) Germany (Plateosaurus) 1837
3.) France (*Poekilopleuron*) 1838
4.) USA (*Laelaps*=Dryptosaurus) 1839

And last question: Could someone make up-to-date version of this table:

          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, Vlad 
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