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When Dinosaurs Roamed America and Dinosaur Planet vs.Walking with Dinosaurs and it's various specials!


Every time I see a review of the newest dinosaur documentary with computer
animated special effects,the reviewer always says that it isn't as good as
the original Walking with Dinosaurs series.While I did enjoy that show,I
didn't think it was better than say,When Dinosaurs Roamed America.They
seemed the same to me.Each show has something unique the other doesn't.BOTH
had their share of flaws,but then ALL dinosaur movies and television
specials have flaws somewhere.
The Jurassic Park movies have been credited as having the best dinosaurs
ever on screen.While this is true for some of their models,like the
Parasaurolophus,is ISN'T for others from those movies.For example,the
Ceratosaurus (a childhood favorite of mine,take THAT T.rex!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
that appeared in When Dinosaurs Roamed America was FAR superior to it's
Jurassic Park 3 counterpart.

John Bridgman