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Re: vampire ptero toe

 With their >excessively long, narrow wings, anurognathids look more like swifts than >like vampires to me... >
What do vampires look like?

I could go either way on this but it makes some sense. Thier were very large animals getting around back then, and thats a large food supply to tap...so to speak.

If nothing else, Nature shows us that if theres a nitch to be exploited, some animal will usually evolve to do so.

The only problem I can see is big animals that probably wouldn't notice a small cut to bleed them would have thick skin, but vampire bats (for instance) are adapt at finding a weak point or a blood vessel close to the skin and attacking there.

I think the question should be instead of reasons why there wouldn't be vampires of some sort- but- why would'nt there be vampires of some sort! ( you like that...I'm being tricky!) :)

Oh well, back to the grind!

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