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RE: When Dinosaurs Roamed America

I find that each has is better- or worse in its own way.

I feel the dinosaurs where slightly better in when dinos roamed (funnily enough there was no 'america' in the title when shown on Australain tv), but the way walking with dinos integrated them with their enviroment was far superior. 

One thing I dislike is deliberate mis-information, and in carefully thought out programes like these you'd have to say it was deliberate. What the hell am I talking about you ask? Well, how many 'polar Allosaurs', Muttuburrasaurs and leallynasaurs have been found in Antartica? When walking with dinosaurs came out, we Australians were devestated when walking with dinos came out and listed our lovely dinos as belonging to antartica.

Working at the NATIONAL dinosaur museum in Canberra, Australia, you have no idea how many kids every year we have to re-educate to the fact these were Australian, not Antartic dinosaurs...and yes I know it is more then likely that they were there, but as i pointed out, its the deliberate mis-information I don't like.

Perhaps its because we beat them at Cricket! - here comes all the 'world champions at union' emails! :)

Phil Hore

National Dinosaur Museum

Canberra, Australia

ph (02) 62302655

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>From: timlee3005@earthlink.net >Reply-To: timlee3005@earthlink.net >To: >Subject: When Dinosaurs Roamed America and Dinosaur Planet vs.Walking with Dinosaurs and it's various specials! >Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 14:32:36 -0500 > >Hello, > >Every time I see a review of the newest dinosaur documentary with computer >animated special effects,the reviewer always says that it isn't as good as >the original Walking with Dinosaurs series.While I did enjoy that show,I >didn't think it was better than say,When Dinosaurs Roamed America.They >seemed the same to me.Each show has something unique the other doesn't.BOTH >had their share of flaws,but then ALL dinosaur movies and television >specials have flaws somewhere. >The Jurassic Park movies have been credited as having! t! ! he best dinosaurs >ever on screen.While this is true for some of their models,like the >Parasaurolophus,is ISN'T for others from those movies.For example,the >Ceratosaurus (a childhood favorite of mine,take THAT T.rex!!!!!!!!!!!!!) >that appeared in When Dinosaurs Roamed America was FAR superior to it's >Jurassic Park 3 counterpart. > > >John Bridgman >

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