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Re: Dinosaur Planet, parts 3 & 4

"Is there a modern example of an isolated member of a species being
"adopted" into a group of another species, such as happened with Pod and the
troodonts?  (Besides in domesticated animals, where you might have
situations like a dog being fostered by a cat or something...) It's a cute
plot twist, but would it be remotely possible?  I would think birds would be
the likely source of an example that applies to theropods... but I have
absolutely no idea.

-Andrea Kirk"

There was an example a couple of years back of a lion that lost it's cub and
adopted a baby gazelle, which it tried to raise. But they both ended up
shunned by the pride I think.
It's certainly happened in birds, I remember a duck living with a flock of
pigeons near my house when I was younger.
Or failing that there's always Tarzan...

David Craven
Bolton Museum

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