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RE: Dinosaur Planet, parts 3 & 4

Tom Holtz said:
That's RHABDODON! Not Iguanodon!!

I knew that wasn't Iguanodon! And I'm glad someone else thought so too!

My only other big complaint was, the Sauropods seemed, well...Fat. At first, I wrote it off as, "They must be swollen with eggs." But all the Sauropods shown through out the program continued to be fat. They did explain it saying some like "Due to their high fiber diet, they're walking gas bags."

I did not dislike the series, and enjoyed seeing previously uncharacterized Dinosaurs (it seems like every other Dinosaur series features several of the same, "popular" species.) Velociraptor mongoliensis seems to be the only character previously seen, although the Dinosaur Planet version was more scientifically accurate.

Personally, I'd love to see WALKING WITH DINOSAURS become a regular series, with 6 more episodes or maybe just an hour-long special premiering ever year, year-and-a-half or so. It's not like they could ever run out of Dinosaurs to portray. :) They could also go back and flesh out stories, like the Iguanodon herd scene in the Ornithocheirus chapter.

Just some thoughts,

Tommy Bradley

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